Crowdsourced: Listeners weigh in on the #XPNGreatestYear in Music

We’ve gotten some great input from our XPN listeners on what they think was the greatest year in music.

Read some of their comments below and join in on the conversation yourself! Tell us your pick for the greatest year in music in the comment section below or use #XPNGreatestYear on social media.

“1970 – Miles Davis “Bitches Brew”; The Stooges “Fun House”, Black Sabbath “Black Sabbath”. All music and genre altering albums.”

“1984: So-called “college rock” masterpieces Reckoning (REM), Double Nickles on the Dime (Minutemen), Let it Be (Replacements), Zen Arcade (Husker Du), Meat Puppets II and The Smiths self-titled LP, not to mention Purple Rain, Run DMC and Born in the USA.”

“1966 gave us Revolver, Pet Sounds, Blonde on Blonde, Freak Out! by Zappa & The Mothers, California Dreaming and the first Hendrix single (Hey Joe), not to mention the premiere of The Monkees, Batman, Star Trek and the acid test shows at The Fillmore. Seminal year for pop culture I’d say.”

“1969 – Woodstock changed everything.”

“I’d have to say ’56. Elvis really changed the direction of music and opened the door for so many that followed: Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and the whole Rock and Roll thing.”

“Tossup. 1786 was Marriage of Figaro, and 1787 was Don Giovanni. So hard to choose!”

“‘Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It’s a scientific fact.’ – Homer Simpson”

“1991 The year punk broke”

“1994. Guy Clark’s Boats to Build. I heard it first on the World Cafe.”

“Some of my 2004 favorites: Air- Walkie Talkie; Nora Jones- Feels Like Home; Jem- Finally Woken; Franz Ferdinand- Self-titled; Stars- Set Yourself on Fire; Tegan & Sarah- So Jealous; Citizen Cope- Clarence Greenwood Sessions; Ray LaMontagne- Trouble; Mark Knopfler- Shangri La; Elliot Smith- From a Basement on a Hill.”


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Article by: Julie Miller