Crowdsourced: Listeners weigh in on the #XPNGreatestYear in Music

We’ve gotten some great input from our XPN listeners on what they think was the greatest year in music.

Read some of their comments below and join in on the conversation yourself! Tell us your pick for the greatest year in music in the comment section below or use #XPNGreatestYear on social media.

“1971, the year I was born, was an amazing year for music. But ’75 might just have it beat.”

“The 70’s cannot be duplicated. It was every great band after the Beatles and Stones. It was the open door to tons of great bands and “concerts”. We never had concerts until the 70’s.”

“I can’t even decide on a decade! let alone a year!”

“Some of the most timeless and classic music came out in 71, stairway to heaven, tapestry, sticky fingers, who’s next, Imagine. Great year in music, definitely one of the best!”

“I was 9 then so my memories are filled with bubble gum music and The Banana Splits, Edwin Starr’s “25 Miles” sticks out though, “Age of Aquarius” too.”

“1984 was Top 40 Radio’s last good year. Springsteen, Madonna, way before Nirvana….”

“I would have to pick 1969 as greatest year!!”

“I’m really torn between 1978 and 1984. Springsteen releases both years. Darkness from 78 is my fav album ever. Patti Smith’s Easter. The Stones’ Some Girls. But 1984, wow! Born in the USA, Purple Rain, Madonna. Gotta give this some thought before I vote.”

“1974, T-Rex, David Bowie , New York Dolls, Mott la Hoople, Iggy Pop and these are the underground bands.”

1982! No contest. The last great year of the New Wave. XTC’s English Settlement, Elvis Costello’s Imperial Bedroom, Squeeze’s Sweets from a Stranger and Annie Get Your Gun (and sad temporary break-up), Joe Jackson’s Night and Day, The Psychedelic Furs’ Forever Now, The The’s 12″ Uncertain Smile, The Jam’s Beat Surrender (and sad permanent break-up), Utopia’s self-titled album-and-a-half, Paul McCartney finally got good again (briefly) with Tug of War, an as-yet-unsigned Suzanne Vega played her first gigs, and countless more milestones.#xpngreatestyear

“1973: Dead, Allmans, Stones, Zepplin, Sabbath all had their best shows/albums, not to mention Floyd”

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Article by: Julie Miller