Crowdsourced: Listeners weigh in on the #XPNGreatestYear in music

We’ve gotten some great input from our XPN listeners on what they think was the greatest year in music.

Read some of their comments below and join in on the conversation yourself! Tell us your pick for the greatest year in music in the comment section below or use#XPNGreatestYear on social media. Voting is now open.


“For me the answer is “this year”. It is all about discovery: new ideas, new interpretations, new inspirations. That’s why I love WXPN!”

“1984 wasn’t too bad. It was before the hair bands became parodies of themselves and the rock scene was pretty fresh. I would say that 1991 was the pinnacle year in music. Guns ‘N’ Roses released Use Your Illusion which is a masterpiece. Nirvana and the grunge scene were emerging into the mainstream. There were some amazing R&B acts and dance music was growing in popularity.”

“I would have to vote for 1964. As a new teen, The Beatles hitting the U.S. was an absolute turning point in my life. Yep, I am an “original” Beatlemaniac, even to this day. The Beatles were/are amazing, and opened the door to the British Invasion. The Beatles will always be No. 1 in my book, but my music taste is so eclectic and I credit that to them (and WXPN, of course). So many great groups came to be as a result of 1964… the best year!!”

“Odelay, Reasonable Doubt, Illadelph Halflife, Evil Empire, Being There – I think 1996 is a strong candidate

“1994: when Weezer (blue) came out, i was a freshman in high school. inside the cd was a footnote which along the lines said “want lyrics? send a self addressed stamped envelope to (whatever the address was).” i did and i got a hand written photo copy of the lyrics. i really wish i still had that weird photocopy! who’s writing was that?!”

“1978 This year is in the running for my . So many new sounds and Darkness on the Edge of Town too!”

“It is really hard to pick one but 1994 stands out to me. With albums like The Downward Spiral, Jar of Flies, Under the Pink, Grace, Superunknown, Vitalogy, Monster and Purple. Of course there was Woodstock. Also there were some great movies with accompanying sound tracks like Forest Gump, Natural Born Killers and The Crow. The list just goes on and on. Then I may be partial to this year because there are so many good memories also attached to this year, but isn’t that what music is all about, evoking memories and feelings?”

“Just listened to : 1994, and I heard no Sugar?! How is this possible? Bob Mould put out a 1998 album…just sayin’.”

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Article by: Julie Miller