Crowdsourced: Listeners weigh in on the #XPNGreatestYear in Music

We’ve gotten some great input from our XPN listeners on what they think was the greatest year in music.

Read some of their comments below and join in on the conversation yourself! Tell us your pick for the greatest year in music in the comment section below or use #XPNGreatestYear on social media.

“The BEST music! I was 14 [in 1969] and a little under the radar to go to Woodstock but would have loved to have been there. Just watched the movie in its entirety on my vacation at the beach. Couldn’t keep my eyes off Santana ‘s drummer. Loving this!”

“I graduated HS in 1970. I had chills listening to the music. Thank you.”

“I thought 1965 at first, but like you say.. Now I’m going with 1969!! Blasting radio in car now but have to get out for work. Bummer.”

“I think you got me on the 1958 camp with that Leicht Lunch set Eric Schuman!”

“It has to be either 68 or 69, depending on your taste. In 68 we got Astral Weeks and Lady Soul, Duane Allman arrived in Muscle Shoals, Hendrix released Electric Ladyland, Stones in great form, and Marvin Gaye recorded I Heard it Through the Grapevine. There was also some great Southern soul and let’s not forget Elvis’s Comeback Special. However 69 was huge. Led Zeppelin, CSN, Bowie, Santana, and the Allman Brothers all arrived on the scene, there was Woodstock, Tommy (the album), Easy Rider and Elvis recorded Suspicious Minds.”

“The Three Stooges…wow. Dusty Springfield, Cohen, Santana, my head is spinning with greatness!! And we all live in a yellow submarine!”

“Without a doubt 1969 is the best year for music. I was 12 1/2 during Woodstock but had 2 older sisters, who really influenced me. I was 13 1/2 when the movie came, seems like yesterday. It was then, I started going out and buying my own albums with babysitting money.
1969 has my vote !”

“This music still influences our kids’ music. My sons and nephews have bands that take a lot from our era of music. They stole all of my albums and turntable!! and I am so glad… I love their music.”

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Article by: Julie Miller