Listen to the Greatest Year In Music countdown playback starting November 2nd

The votes are in! We begin counting down the top 20 greatest years in music on Monday, November 2nd at 7am.

Here’s what we discovered during our conversations about the greatest year in music, the theme for WXPN’s countdown this year: that it’s not so easy to pick just one year. WXPN asked its listeners to vote for up to five of the years they thought were the greatest.

Starting 7am on Monday, November 2nd, we’ll countdown the top 20 greatest years in music. Each day from 7am-7pm we’ll feature music from various years, and on Friday, November 6th, we’ll reveal the #1 most voted on year that WXPN listeners decided was the greatest year in music. We’ll tell you this: it’s not from the Oughts.

In the meantime, check out the Slacker Greatest Year In Music radio station that WXPN’s DJ host below, and tune in starting Monday, November 2nd at 7am to hear the winning years.

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Article by: Bruce Warren